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“In 1967 a group of hunters ventured into the remote part of Northern Minnesota. They came back with a strange story. Where there are no roads, the human animal is rarely seen, and other forms of life may flourish undisturbed. From the outside, these dense forests look lifeless, but inside there are Elk and Caribou, Black Bear, and Bobcat, It is also the last refuge in America of Canis Lupis… the Grey Wolf.

The Hunters who penetrated deep into this lush wilderness claimed to have seen a creature living there, which at first, they didn’t identify. It turned out to be a 10-year-old human, a boy. Deserted by his parents at an early age, he somehow survived, adapted to the environment. How? We may never know.

He hunted like a wolf. He ate, and slept, and even howled like a wolf. An expedition captured the wild boy and brought him to a University Research Center in California. There, 10 years ago, he began his immense journey. It is the journey man himself has made. From the forest to civilization And the journey continues…”

"The authorities, afraid Lucan might revert to wolf, tried to hold him under lock and key. But Lucan escaped and the University obtained a court order for his return. A bounty hunter was hired to track him down."

The wait is over! Fans can howl with joy!

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